Most Absolute Heat Hot Tingle Lotion 13.5oz

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There’s hot tingle lotions, and then there’s ABSOLUTE HEAT! This Super High Output tanning lotion is develped for extra dark color, with an absolutely envigorating tanning experience. Our Biobronze complex uses all-natural bronzers for deep golden color, while a maximum amount of tingle factor makes sure your tan is felt as much as it is seen. Crème Brulee fragrance.

  • Extremely Hot SHO Tingle
  • Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Extract
  • Helps prevent blemishes and revitalizes skin
  • Silicone Solution locks in Moisture for soft,silky appearance
  • Oxysome Anti-oxidants that repair and replenish skin cells
  • Protovanol Tanning Accelerator for darkest results
  • Creme Brulee Fragrance