Most Fierce Behavior Bronzing Complex 8.5oz

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Most Fierce Behavior Bronzing Complex

The Ultimate fight for the Perfect Tan has been Won! Uncage the power of 75X Bronzing, Extreme Moisturizing, and Fast Acting Accelerators for a Fierce, Dark, Defined Tan.

  • MMA Complex:  Maximum Moisturizing Accelerators
  • 75xxx Fierce Dark Stain-Free Bronzers
  • Advanced Skin Conditioners for Extreme Moisturization
  • A state of the Art Elixir for a smooth fast-absorbing application
  • Size: 8.5 fl. oz./250 ml
  • Fragrance: Fierce Battle


Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Isopropyl Palmitate, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Glyceryl Mono Stearate, Stearyl Alchohol (and) Ceteareth-20, Butylene Glycol(and)Hydrolyzed Collagen(and)Acetyl Tyrosine(and)Adenosine Triphosphate(and)Riboflavin,  Sesame Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter,  Allantoin, Panthenol, Vanillin, Dihydroxyacetone, Color Stabilizer, Vitamin E Acetate, Vitamin E Nicotinate, Carbopol, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, T.E.A., EDTA, Fragrance