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Tan Asz #Sexified Hot Tingle Bronzer 7oz

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Sexified is the art of being wildly desirable through appearance and attitude. Hypercharge your bronze body with this revolutionary tingle bronzer dual chamber marvel. Not only do you get the best of both worlds with 200x state-of-the-art bronzers and lasting DHA complex but you also get the benefit of dark tingle tanning maximizers that will give you the deepest, darkest tan ever. The patented dual chamber bottle perfectly combines the DHA and Bronzers upon application for maximum effectiveness.

  • Super Hot Tingle Tanning
  • Extrememly Dark 200x Bronzers
  • Dark DHA Complex
  • Dual Chambered Bottle
  • Anti-Fade Technology Ensures Longer Tan
  • CoQ10 & Tan Enhancing Vitamins
  • Pomegranate Mango & Vanilla Amber Fragrance