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Tan Asz U Live For The Beach 200x Bronzer 13.5oz

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We live for sun, waves, sand, (and let’s be honest)- looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous in that tiny new bikini.  This advanced 200X bronzer is paradise in a bottle, with a Tropic Color Cocktail of exotic island extracts for that unmistakable deep glow that can only be achieved at the beach. A “bikini-ready” complex inspires confidence as it tightens & tones skin for a youthful-looking glow.

  • 200X Island Black Bronzer for a paradise worthy tan
  • Lush amounts of Coconut, Kukui, Monoi, and Awaphui are the secret to a
  • Tropic Color Cocktail for a beautiful beach glow
  • A “bikini-ready” double tightening & toning complex with max silicones.
  • SCENT: Hawaiian Berries & Cake