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Wasilla Smooth Rogue Moisturizer 18oz

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Wasilla Smooth Rogue Moisturizer 

Alaska's finest natural skincare and anti-aging ingredients combined with smoothing Shea Butter to create a Rogue Moisturizer that is strong enough to protect your skin from any harsh conditions yet giving you the smoothest, richest feeling skin imaginable. Skin-firming, anti-aging richness with a light fresh fragrance.

Wasilla Smooth Rogue Moisturizer combines Mother Nature's finest ingredients to give your skin a moisturizing experience like no other. Wasilla Smooth's 12 hour moisturization means that you won't have to apply it as often and yet your skin will continue to be soft and supple all day long. The very finest all-natural skin firming and anti-aging ingredients add to the rich smooth skincare to go beyond anything you've ever experienced!

  • Soothe - Nourish - Protect.
  • Mother Nature's Finest Ingredients.
  • Richest, Smoothest Skin Imaginable.
  • Super Silicone Infusion.
  • Age-Defying & Skin Firming Ingredients.
  • Anti-Oxidants & Vitamins.
  • State-Of-The-Art Skin Care.
  • Wonderful Fragrance.