Fall & Winter Moisturizers

Fall & Winter Moisturizers

Winter Moisturizers

Fall is here and winter is coming. Colder climates can cause dry skin, cracked lips and complexion issues. This is not the same issue that you have in the summer so why would you treat your skin with the same lotion? You need something a little stronger as well as a game plan to give your skin the moisture that it needs.

Of course you want to properly hydrate by drinking enough water everyday. Add green tea with lavender, basil or even orange and you are moving in the right direction. One of the best lines of defense if your regular moisturizer that you use at least once a day. A great moisturizer will give you beautifully nourished skin all season.

There are many facial moisturizers on the market. It can be difficult to find the perfect lotion for you but through trial and error and a little research you can get there fairly quickly.

I recommend a great anti-aging facial lotion such as Facial Recognition by Sun Sauce and a facial moisturizer with Argan Oil such as Amir as a great 1-2 punch at dry skin and the harsh environment. Another great moisturizer for Winter's harsh weather is Hemperor Coconut Shea Moisturizer with heavy emphasis on Coconut and Shea Butter as well as Hemp Seed Oil.

Please share your winter lotions below!

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