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We would like to thank all of you for taking the time to write in. We thank you for your comments and suggestions and we thank you for your continued support. We will always do everything possible to merit the confidence you have placed in us. Thank you for choosing Lotion Source!

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Here are just a few of the great comments we have received from you: 

  • Thank you so much for your help Dakota. I have always told my friends how much I love your..lotion and body wash. In fact I give them as gifts to my daughter and daughter-in-law and they love it too. I am looking forward to trying this body wash and lotion. Again thank you so much for your help. And God Bless.
    ..........Sheryl - Mckinney, Texas 

  • First of all, I love your lotions. I have been buying from your site for many years. Great service and quality products...I love your products.
    .........Cheryll - La Verne, California 

  • Thank you for doing that for me! You guys are always the first I go to for my tanning lotion! 
    .........Alissa - Tracy, California

  • Dakota..I have been buying products from your company for several years (about $400.00 per year) I have been completely satisfied and have recommended your site to my friends. Forever a loyal customer, 
    .........Kelly - Albany, Oregon

  • The first order I placed with your company arrived in a very timely manner, and the two emails I have received from your customer service reps were very polite and answered my emails very fast.
    .........Heather - Mattoon, Illinois 

  • Your service has always been so exceptional :0)
    .........Joni - Beavercreek, Ohio

  • I really like your improved check out process. I've been buying my Hemperor lotion from you guys for almost 3 years. I love the gallon size (kinder to mother nature to refill bottles), your pricing is very fair, and of course what made me purchase today was the free shipping :) I always get my product within 3 or 4 days and all my orders have been 100% accurate. Thank you all at Lotion Source!
    .........Cammie - Phoenix, Arizona

  • Thank u!!! I'm always very pleased with my order n especially super fast shipping!! 
    .........Yvette - Paducah, Kentucky

  • I truly love your site, I'm in love with the Hempz Lotion I cant get enough of it. You have a customer for life !!!!!! Thanks for the coupon as well.
    .........Raven - New York, New York

  • Thank you, Dakota, My order was processed efficiently and arrived quickly. 
    .........Trudy - Minnetonka, Minnesota 

  • I am working on a Paramount Pictures' film called "Pain and Gain" in Miami with Mark Wahlberg and The Rock https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1980209/ and last week I was on a time crunch to find a variety of colored tanning goggles they needed on camera. I had been to several websites in my initial search but to no avail because no one would go the extra mile to have it shipped out immediately to meet our deadline--it's not that we don't plan ahead but sometimes we just need things fast because the film business is an organic, creative process always needing to supply the director with what he needs to get his shots. 

    I finally ended up on your site through a Google search and was greeted by the happy voice of Melody in your company. Melody's first response was "Where there's a will, there's a way. We'll see what we can do." That was beautiful music to my ears because that is exactly the kind of attitude that prevails in our business and one we don't often find outside of the business. Within 10 minutes of the beginning of my call, Melody confirmed you had the items in stock, I had created a FEDEX airwaybill, emailed it to Melody, the package was packed up and the FEDEX truck was on its way to meet the pick up deadline. That's what I call service and going the extra mile!! 

    I was so impressed with Melody's attitude and professionalism that I had to send my compliments along to you for her so you might acknowledge her stellar performance as a valued representative of your company. I hope Melody's service to your company is appreciated by you and your staff as we appreciated what she did for our production. She's a keeper and with a great future! 
    ........Annette - Paramount Pictures

  • Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience I had with my orders. For 2 consecutive weeks, I've placed an order on Friday. On the following Monday of both weeks, my order arrived. Thanks so much for GREAT customer service!! I will definitely be ordering again.
    ........Tammy - Tupelo, Mississippi

  • I recently received my order of Hempz body wash. I have been using this product for a couple of years and enjoy my soft, healthy skin. I am very big on comparison shopping and your site has the hard to find liter size at the VERY BEST price around. Ordering on line was easy and simple. The order came quickly and was delivered much faster than I expected. Well packed, no problems and free delivery! What more could I ask? A very happy and satisfied customer who will sing your praises to all my friends. Thanks 
    ........Barbara - Mesa, Arizona

  • I just had the most pleasant dialogue with your customer service rep named "Frankie". I had a made a minor 'boo boo' with my recent order and, simply, she fixed it for me. All the while, she was engaging, even kinda funny, and a joy to work with. We never want to experience problems with any order. However, if one does occur, its a blessing to have CS reps like "Frankie"...she's a GEM!!! Thank you very much.
    ........Marty - Cloverdale California

  • Thank you so much - I got my lotion and I love it - I had a sample given to me years ago and I wanted more - now I know where to order it from!!!  Take care.
    ........Anita - Victoria BC, Canada

  • Just want to say thank you for great service and prices !!I tell all my friends about your website.
    ........Connie - Lake Havasu City, Arizona

  • Thank you so much!  You are always SO VERY FAST to ship out! Have a wonderful weekend!!
    ........Tara - Seattle, Washington

  • Thank you so much Savannah. My goodness that was prompt. You guys at lotion source are great and are now the only lotion site I trust. Thank you so much for the fastest response ever. Give my best to the rest of your CSR (customer service Rep) team as well.
    ....... Belgrade, Montana

  • I just used this website for the first time. I was very pleased with the selection, prices, and how fast I received my order.  I will definitely use your company again. Thanks so much.
    ....... Ashli - Blue Springs, Missouri

  • Thanks for all your help...I myself work in customer service and am so pleased that you have been so helpful and given such great service!!!
    ........Jenn - Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada

  • Well, here is my final update.  After I posted my last comment on how I was impressed that within a couple of hours I received an email advising me that my order was processed,BOOM!!  Within another couple of hours, another email, this one from a very nice CSR advising me that I should have also received an email advising me that my order was shipped. She was also kind enough to let me know my shipping info through USPS and the estimated date of arrival.  Ok, by now I'm extremely stoked about the service I had received so far.  Then, 3 days later, as promised,my order was at my front door.  Everything in my package was EXACTLY what I had ordered.  And for the price I got my Hemp lotion package for, complete with Hempz lotion, anti aging hemp lotion, facial recognition face tanner, body butter and tanning stickers, (an AMAZING deal @ 44.00 + 4.00 for the stickers) I am definitely a new loyal customer!  Thanks Lotion Source!!
    ........Catheryn - Waco, Texas

  • O.K. So I am trying this site for the very first time today. Generally, I don't like to order any kind of tanning lotions from anywhere OTHER than my tanning salon, and I was definitely a bit leery about the FANTASTIC prices that were advertised on this site, being a believer that if something is too good to be true, it usually is. But, I took the plunge tonight and just a.couple of hours after I placed my order, BOOM! Hello, shipping confirmation email! I am defiantly impressed with the speed in which my order was processed. When I receive my order, I will without a doubt be writing again on the conclusion to my experience. So far, so very good!! 
    ........Catheryn - Waco, Texas

  • In the past 7+ years in my ordering tanning lotions, moisturizers and tanning tablets from here, I have ALWAYS gotten great service especially with the lightning fast shipping and the very reasonable prices for the products and my being able to save money !!! I have to admit I was a little leery at first about buying a lotion other than from my tanning salon, especially lotions that retailed for over $100.00 and only paying around 1/2 price, if even that, for it and then after using the lotion realizing that it was the REAL THING and not just a bottle filled with a drug store moisturizer put into a bottle with a photo-copied label slapped on it. This a the BEST Tanning Lotion website, many other tanning lotions websites have tried to do what this website does, but none of them can even come close. I highly recommend this website, you will not regret it, and also please know that they are selling the REAL products at fantastic prices!!!
    ........Ricky - Medina, Illinois

  • I don't know how you do it, but i have never experienced such fast shipping & receipt of my order from any other online retailer. I faithfully purchase my hempz from you & will continue to do so as i not only get great service, but your prices are the lowest I've found.thanks again. You rock.
    ........Leslie - Long Island, New York

  • Thank you very much for your prompt service, the up-date, and tracking information.  I love your products and look forward to a lasting business relationship.
    ........Missy - North Providence, Rhode Island

  • I received an email 2 hours later: YOUR ORDER HAS SHIPPED!...Dang, you know how to get things done around there! ;)
    ........Troy - Sylvania, Ohio

  • Thank you so much, you are the best!! That is excellent customer service!! Do u have a supervisor I can talk to?  I want to be sure to let them know u doing an excellent job!! Thank u! :) ........Vanessa - Independence, Missouri
  • Thanks again for getting my order to me so quickly. I will definitely be shopping with you again in the near future. I am a VERY satisfied customer!!.
    ........Wanda - Jackson, Mississippi

  • I want to thank you, for being awesome to work with, and I look forward to giving these gurkees to my Girl.
    ........Shawn - Waco, Texas

  • Wow! That was fast! Thank you so much!
    ........Pepper - Buffalo, Wyoming

  • Thank you for your super fast service and delivery of my recent order. What a delightful surprise! I appreciate you.
    ........Lisa - Eufaula, Oklahoma

  • Thank you for your cooperation. like i said i (or should i say my wife) loves your hempz lotion and will always order from you.... You have a valued customer.
    ........Ralph & Donna - Carlin, Nevada

  • This place is great!  I just placed my second order and a day later, I received it. Thanks so much for expedite delivery and a great website!
    ........Melissa - Covington, Georgia

  • I just wanted to thank you guys for a product i am so happy with.  I have a bit of psoriasis on my left hand; I am a massage
    therapist, so I really have to make sure my hands stay soft.  When i was diagnosed with psoriasis I tried every prescription and over the counter cream the doctor recommended and nothing worked until I found Hempz moisturizer.  I used to pay retail for every bottle and for a while in school i couldn't even afford it.  i was so happy when i found this website b/c it was the first and only place I found it for less than retail price.  And, to top it off, it arrived SO FAST. I have even been ordering the other hempz products and have been so impressed with them. thank you for selling such a fantastic product at such a great price.
    ........Jessica - Conyers, Georgia   

  • I ordered Sun Sauce Sunless Lotion for the first time from your website. It is by far the best self tanner I have ever used. I
    just reordered.  Delivery time was incredible - customer service great! Thank you for providing a wonderful range of products at great prices. Thank you so much.
    ........Margie - Morrisville, North Carolina

  • I have been very pleased with Lotion Source. You guys have been great with timing in the mail and you take care of your customers. Thank you again. I give you 5 stars!
    ........Amanda - Panama City Beach, Florida

  • Thank you so much as I've been very happy with all my purchases from you, plus you have saved me a ton of money over what the others are charging. Regards
    ........Shoshanah - Vancouver, Washington

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have amazing prices and I received my order in 3 days. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks for the outstanding service.
    ........Corinne - Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • I placed my order on 4/28/11 and received my package 4/29/11 lightning fast delivery will order from lotion source again thanks!!!
    ........Pam - Vancouver, Washington 

  • I have received my first order, and my second order is waiting at the post office. I am totally hooked on your website – I have just placed another two orders for personal use for my family! Thanks for being amazing!
    ........Judi - Ontario Canada 

  • Thanks, guys. I just received my order of Hempz Age Defying. Included was a free gift of another lotion, which my wife snatched up. You guys are the best - a very generous gift. Of course, I am your best salesperson - I love Hempz and I can always get it from you at a good price. So I use it, give it as gifts, turn people on to it and you all: hair, body, tan. I have bottles all over my boat even.
    ........George - Hamilton, Virginia.

  • I love lotion source! You guys always have the best prices and are promt with delivery. Your wide selection tanning lotions will keep me coming back for more. Keep up the good work!
    ........Sinclair - Brentwood, Tennessee 

  • Quickest delivery I've received from ordering online!!! Very happy with the product. I will definitely reorder from you again! Thanks for the speedy service!!
    ........Rebecca - Fayetteville, Georgia 

  • I really love your company and we have had wonderful experiences ordering our Hempz from you and we will continue to do so.
    ........Jenny - Pacific Groves, California
  • Recieved the package and must say we are very pleased with the products. Thank you and we will be back.
    ........DM - Edmond, Oklahoma
  • I'm writing to let you know how impressed I am with your service. My husband placed an order on the evening of 6/8 & it arrived on our doorstep on 6/12! I couldnt believe the speed with which it arrived! Having worked in the indoor tanning industry for years, I'd like to take a moment to assure potential customer's that the lotions we received are the "real deal" & you're prices are great! Now you can count us in as one of your believer's & my husband & I will continue to be LS customers. Thanks again! 
    ........Jeff & Vicki - Erie, Pennsylvania

  • I had ordered some lotion and it was on backorder..It took only about a week to get to me.... I am very happy with the speediness and since it was on backorder they sent me a free bottle of lotion too! Will definitely use lotionsource again!! 
    ........TC - The Woodlands, Texas 

  • Thank you very much. You will always have my business. The products that you sell are A+ and at a very reasonable price. Thanks again.
    ........JB - Cleveland, Tennessee
  • I am so AMAZED with the service!! Entire purchase/recieve time 2 DAYS!! Washington to NY!!! GREAT will definitely be back & so will all my friends. I'll be spreading the word!! Best on the web hands down!
    ........JR - Long Beach, New York 

  • Thanks so much! You guys are really awesome. I will be placing another order real soon, my girlfriend is really impressed with all the cool stuff I get her at your shop. I like the Hempz too! Thanks again, you have a customer for life!
    ........TC - Houston, Texas

  • Lotion Source is awesome!  Top quality products at affordable pricing.  Not to mention the fast shipping and free samples.  I would recommend this website to anyone.  Thanks for your great service.
    ........MB - Portland, Oregon 

  • I was amazed at how quickly I got my package!  It was within 3 days!!  I've never had such quick delivery.  I love this site too.  They offer so much.  And I have fallen in love with the Ballmania lip balms.

  • Thank you for your fast and accurate service. I was impressed with the speed customer service returned my e-mail(under 20 min.) and package arrived in 3 days. Thank you.
    ........NG - Baltimore, Maryland 

  • I really like your website, it is very user friendly.  I have ordered from this site before and was very impressed how fast I received my order.....Thank you :)
    ........LS - Edmonton Alberta Canada   

  • I just wanted to tell you how much I love your site! You have the best selection and prices I've ever seen, and since I found your site I won't order anywhere else..... keep up the good work!
    ........AH - Carmichaels, Pennsylvania

  • I love Hempz!  I buy the original lotion by the gallon and my whole family uses it... my husband and my children.  I'm now ready to try other Hempz products and I am so excited that I found the products I love for an affordable price.  Thank you!!!
    ........I Do - Williston, North Dakota

  • Thanks for the expedient shipping on my order. Excellent service.  Kudos Kudos Kudos 
    ........JG - Benton Harbor, Michigan 
  • I rarely take the time to comment on service & product from any vendor, however I feel that Lotion Source deserves to be commended for your super fast shipping, & dynamite products at such low prices. I am a delighted, satisfied customer, and have told several friends about you. Kudos to Lotion Source Inc.!!! ....Rock On. 
    ........KM - Mahopac, New York

  • Thank you so very much!  I received this order quickly!  I have had wonderful buying experiences with you.  My daughter also orders from you.  I have given many your web site address.  Again, thank you!
    ........JM - Norwich, New York 

  • Your service is fantastic, I placed an order a couple of months ago and received it very quickly, and your prices are great too.  I am a HUGE fan of Body Drench's Quick Tan, it's by far the best sunless tanner I have ever used, will be ordering some more from you soon.  Thanks again!  
    ........CT - Kansas City, Missouri 

  • Great price and product. Fast excellent service. Will buy again. A+ service.
    ........EP - Charleston, West Virginia 

  • I just wanted to write and tell you that I received my shipment today, I am so very pleased!.........I was so thrilled with the 'extras' you included. I greatly appreciated them and look forward to ordering again!
    ........GH - Barrington, New Hampshire 

  • Hello I just received my order. PERFECT!!!
    ........SL - Daly City, California 

  • I received my order yesterday. It only took three days. I love the sandals, everyone I know wants to buy some now!! Thanks again.
    ........CF - Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

  • I received my order in Canada  less than a week after ordering. The whole process was fast and professional. I  will definitely be a returning customer - I am very impressed!
    ........EV - Kitchener, Ontario Canada 
  • I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for my free moisturizer. I have really enjoyed the service I get from lotion source. I just wanted to let you know.
    ........KC - Wilmington, North Carolina 

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am so impressed with how fast my shipment came. Salon tanning lotion at a very cheap price with fast shipment. What else could I ask for? Nothing!! That's why I was not expecting all the free samples. I was surprised in a very good way! You guys are great. I will be ordering again. Thanks again!!
    ........SH - Chazy, New York 

  • All I can say is WOW!...I ordered on a Sunday and my package was here that Friday. All the way to Canada, Quite impressive, It was the fastest shipping I have ever received from the states considering things usually take 2-3 weeks! Great Selection, Fabulous Prices and thanks for the free bottle of moisturizer! :-)
    ........GD - Fall River, Nova Scotia Canada 

  • My husband and I ordered a bottle of Aqua-tini each Friday night and we rec'd them Wednesday!  I just wanted to say thank you for such quick service and making it so easy to track the shipment as well.  Because of all this AND your low prices we will be sure to come here again and again. We'll be sure to refer our friends here. Take care and thanks for a great site!!!  
    ........AM - Mesa, Arizona 

  • I want to thank you for your speedy delivery! I was amazed how prompt it was. I ordered Mon evening and I believe you ship from Washington State and I received it Thurs. afternoon....in OHIO! The last company I used shipped from Indiana to me and it took 30 days which was ridiculous! Needless to say, you will have my business and I will definitely recommend you to my user friends!
    ........DR - Powhatan Point, Ohio

  • Thank you for the really FAST service.  I was very surprised to receive my order only 2 days after I placed it.  I was also very pleased with the packaging and with the sample you sent me.  You have a great selection of products at great prices and I will be ordering again in the near future as well as passing on how pleased I was to my friends with a whopping recommendation.  Thanks again!
    ........BD - Selbyville, Delaware

  • Thank you for the super speedy service!! Can't believe how quickly I got my package! Thanks again.
    ........KK - Glenwood Springs, Colorado 

  • You guys are the BOMB!! I have ordered from you in the past, but this time you really went out of your way for me. Thanks again and you have a customer for life!!
    ....... JL - Palmyra, Pennsylvania
  • Good Evening, Wanted to thank you for the recent Body Drench SEDUCE Moisturizer I purchased from you. I am pleased to have done business with such an efficient group of people.  I commend you on your fast shipping and excellent product.
    ........BC - Oregon City, Oregon

  • Dear Lotionsource – I received today the pair of Gurkee’s Tobago sandals I ordered just a couple days ago – thanks for the super fast shipping!  I absolutely love them...
    ........LD - St. Clair Shores, Michigan

  • Also I just want to thank you as I was very pleased with my order and I received it to Australia within 5 days of Purchasing. I will be shopping with you more often and have strongly recommended you... Thanks again! Kind regards.
    ........NP - New South Whales, Australia 

  • Just wanted you to know that we received the sandals for my husband Friday and he loves them. The fit was perfect and I knew he would love them as much as I love mine.  How can you not?  They are awesome! These sandals are the best and I know we'll never regret purchasing them. Thanks again for the great service Dan!
    ........TF - Lyons, Kansas 

  • I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my order. It arrived lightning fast, packaged very well, and the products new, and wonderful. I will definitely be ordering from you again and recommending you to my friends. Thanks so much for everything!
    ........SB - Bellflower, California

  • Hi, I just wanted to let you know how excited I was to receive my shipment so quickly. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.
    ........JB - Lake Stevens, Washington

  • Thank you for the quick response, I will definitely will return with my business in the future and i will highly recommend you to friends and associates!
    ........B - Bolingbrook, Illinois

  • I just wanted to say thanks. My husband and friends call me a "Lotion Junkie" and with your wonderful selection and low prices you make that much easier for me. I have told everyone I know where I get all my lotions from!!! Thanks again!!
    ........BB - Shelley, Idaho

  • Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I just got my order and opened it and it was perfect! Everything I ordered was nicely packed. I got it in only 2 days - ordered it on Monday and it was here on Wednesday!! Plus - I got it all at half the price that I would pay at a tanning salon. Thanks so Much!!! I will definitely tell others about you.
    ........AP - Houston, Texas

  • I just wanted to let you all know what a fantastic job you do! I got my lotions in about two days and I absolutely love the deals I get online with this website! I will definitely be back for more! Thank you kindly.
    ........B Smith - Boston, Virginia

  • I received my bottle of Sun Sauce Diamond Strength today, I love the fragrance and the feel of it, I can see why it's your number one product and the free moisturizer is very nice as well. Thank you for your fast shipping!
    ........JK - Newman, California

  • I got the order! Thank you for correcting the issue so fast. Lotion Source is awesome :)......Once again, thank you for you help!
    ........SC - Astoria, New York

  • I just got my Exotic Moisturizer with Hemp yesterday and I have to tell you, it rocks! I have used Body Drench and Hempz in the past and I can't believe how much better this one is. Thank you again!!!!....... DH - Knoxville, Tennessee

  • The pumps arrived today. You are definitely on the "favorite" list! I sincerely appreciate the fine service you provided. Will spread the word.
    ........CL - Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania

  • Great to see you have such excellent costumer service when things do go wrong, unfortunately costumer service and satisfaction is not that high a priority with many companies today... I will definitely recommend Lotion Source to all my friends.
    ........AM - Los Angeles, California

  • Thanks! I already got it and I'm very happy. Great service - great products!
    ........SC - Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Thank you for your prompt service, and notification of the delivery for the lotion!  It is greatly appreciated.
     Sincerely, A loyal customer...
    .........Missy - N. Providence, Rhode Island 

  • I am so impressed with your service & products that I will continue to use LS for a long time. Have a Great Day.
    ........DC - Stevens Point, Wisconsin

  • Have tried all the Hempz products I received. I love them!!!! Not only do they smell great, they sooth my irritated skin without any heavy feeling. Thank you for the great prices and products.
    ........SB - Bellflower, California

  • Love the sandals!  I'll be passing your site on to family and friends.  Hope they order from you too!
    ........TF - Lyons, Kansas

  • I've ordered a lot of things online but your Co. is the fastest in shipping by far. I will be ordering again!
    ........GS - Spokane, Washington 

  • Thank you for your wonderful service. I would recommend your site to anyone, the service is great!
    ........MR - Mesa, Arizona

  • I am very pleased on how fast my shipments have been arriving.
    ........TW - Richland Center, Wisconsin

  • Hi, I wanted to say thank you so much for the lotion I bought and thanks for such fast shipping. You guys are awesome!!! I will definitely be coming back for more lotion!!! Once again thanks a lot for the great transaction!!!!
    ........T - Calhoun, Georgia

  • I am a new customer and was surprised at how quickly my order arrived. I have been telling all my friends about this site. I will be a return customer. Thanks.
    ........CC - Newville, Pennsylvania

  • I have ordered from you guys twice now and you are the only one that I have seen that has had the product I am looking for. Thanks for your fast service, I will be buying from you guys again and again.
    ........MB - Missoula, Montana 

  • I placed my order on Sunday and got it on Wednesday. WOW !!!!! Great product at a great price with super fast shipping Thank You Very Much !!!!! I will definitely shop here again.
    ........DB - Glendora, California

  • Fantastic customer service! I couldn't believe how quick I received my order. I am a new customer and will be a returning and referring customer. Thank you!
    ........SE - Hoffman Estates, Illinois

  • Just had to tell you that I was so pleased with your site and service. My tanning lotion came packaged nicely and delivered within days of order - and in time for my vacation! Thanks so much.
    ........AB - Jacksonville Beach, Florida

  • I recently order on-line and was very impressed with your customer service. I Thank You Very Much.
    ........DC - Iola, Wisconsin

  • I want to commend your company on the excellent experience I recently had with you.......after doing a search on line, I was very impressed with your web site. The prices seem to be very reasonable and you appear to carry a wide array of products to choose from.....Once again, great job! I have already referred friends and family members to you.
    ........JH - Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Wow, I couldn't believe how quickly I received my package. I ordered a similar product from another online seller (about a week before you guys), and I have yet to hear from them. I'll have to order from you folks again soon. This is how online businesses are supposed to work!
    ........DD - Chicago, Illinois

  • I placed my order Monday evening and got it Wednesday morning---I was amazed to have my order sooooo FAST. Shipping rates are reasonable, selection is GREAT, and the prices seem too good to be true. I will definitely be a regular customer and tell my friends and family about you. Thanx.
    ........LR - Schertz, Texas

  • The packing, service & product was excellent -- and above all the shipping was super fast!! I can't thank you enough for such great service -- your name & address will definitely go in my rolodex for future purchases.
    ........SL - St. Augustine, Florida

  • This was my first order to place with your company. I was very impressed with the fast delivery and excellent packaging of my product. I will be one of your regular customers, and I just referred a friend to your site today. Thanks for a job well done!
    ........BS - Hartselle, Alabama

  • I just received my first order from you. It came so quickly! Thank you so much ~ I will definitely be shopping with you again and passing your store on to my friends. Thanks!
    ........LL - Maple Grove, Minnesota

  • I was so pleased with your products and speedy service on my last order, I decided to put in another. Thanks again and please send an email when you've mailed so I know when to look for my purchases.
    ........TW - Elizabeth City, North Carolina

  • Thank you! I received my lotion today! Very fast shipment! I will definitely do business with you again!
    ........TM - St. Augustine, Florida

  • I would like LotionSource.com to know that I really appreciate how prompt your company was to send me out the lotions. I will definitely be back for more!! Thank you again.
    ........TL - Bangor, Maine

  • I was thrilled to receive my product so quickly.
    ........LA - Maricopa, Arizona

  • I received my order this morning thank you very much. Looks fabulous can't wait to try the products. Thanks for your assistance, will be sure to order more products in the future.
    ........HB - Marlborough, New Zealand

  • How awesome are you? I ordered on Thursday, my lotions arrived today--Thank you for the quick shipping and great pricing, will definitely order from you again.
    ........TM - Morton, Illinois

  • My order arrived very quickly, thank you for that.
    . ......JR - Moorpark, California

  • I recently placed my first order with you. The shipping time was awesome, the products as described and the price was excellent! I am so impressed. Keep up the good work. I will definitely order again from you and will tell anyone who needs product about you. Thanks.
    ........JP - Atlanta, Georgia

  • Thank You for sending my order so quickly.
    ........PT - Bremerton, Washington

  • Thanks so much for the wonderful lotions and excellent shipping/customer service, I'll definitely check your site again when I'm looking for more tanning necessities.
    ........TW - Elizabeth City, North Carolina