Is Your Do Doing it For You? Without Doing in the Planet?

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Is Your Do Doing it For You? Without Doing in the Planet?

Just a few "Earth-Friendly" Hair Products that will protect your hair and the planet keeping them both healthy and thriving! 

I am sure you have all heard of Hemp. Well, I don't know if you realize how beneficial growing hemp is for the planet. Hemp removes toxins and radioactive chemicals from the soil through a process called phytoremediation, better than any other plant. It can also clean our atmosphere and protect the environment, even reversing damage already done to it, consuming 4X as much CO2 as trees do! This is referred to as Bioremediation.  Here are a few amazing Hemp products along with other sustainable earth-friendly products that will not only have you looking good, but they'll also make you feel good too.

  1. Amir 100 Percent Pure Hemp Seed Oil Hair Treatment. Leaves hair soft and supple and scalp healthy and happy.
  2. Hempz Couture Pro Styling made with pure organic hemp seed oil - protect hair from thermal styling and UV damage
  3. Agadir Red Hemp & Red Wine Products
    Enhanced with plant-based Phytonutrients, it nourishes and reconstructs while sealing in intense moisture for vibrant and healthy hair.
  4. Sexy Hair Organics
    76% of its ingredients derived from plants grown organically. No Petrochemicals, Parabens or Dyes and the packaging consists of 35% Recycled Materials. Organic ingredients like Goji Berry and Avocado Extracts, Aloe Vera Juice, and Sunflower Oil, deeply hydrate and protect hair. Infused with USDA Certified Pureganic fragrance, your Do will thank you for doing Sexy Hair Organics!
  5. TIGI Love Peace The Planet
    Save the Earth Cinnamon Soy Orange Straightener & Detangler is 84% Organic and the bottle is 50% post-consumer recycled material.  This light conditioner contains aloe vera, olive emollients, and wheat amino acids to smooth and protect from heat and help repair UV damage.


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