Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Addiction Tanning Lotion with 200x Bronzer

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Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Addiction 200x Bronzer

Beyond Bliss™ 200X Color Crave Complex

Marshmallow-Soft Silicone Bronzer

Love is addicting, and loving your skin is no exception. It’s tough to say where infatuation ends and addiction begins, because 200x bronzing is only going to blur those lines. Beyond bliss, this is a darkness with reckless abandon that needs you as much as you need it. All inhibitions completely fade away when you feel your skin and the breathtaking “marshmallow softness” that surrounds it. Welcome to your new favorite tanning obsession.

  • Black Chocolate 200X  Bronzers provide plateau-busting color
  • Beyond Bliss™ Color Crave Complex continues to darken & defy the odds
  • “Marshmallow-Soft” Silicones are a new addicting softness
  • Lush amounts of Hemp Seed Oil condition skin for a perfect glow
  • DHA-free
  • Fragrance: Guava  Amber

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