NORVIK Blue Stainless Steel 5.75" Professional Shears

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Elevate your hair styling excellence with the unparalleled craftsmanship of NORVIK brand Shears. Presenting our 5.75" model, a masterpiece enveloped in a mesmerizing shade of brilliant blue, exemplifying both form and function.

  • Measuring a precise 5 3/4", these shears are endowed with an exceptionally sharp convex blade, honed to perfection, ensuring every cut is clean and effortless.
  • The inclusion of an adjustable tension screw offers users the flexibility to fine-tune their cutting experience, adapting seamlessly to varied hair textures and stylistic preferences.
  • Every pair is meticulously forged from the pinnacle of stainless steel materials, a testament to NORVIK's unwavering commitment to quality and enduring performance.
  • For those seeking an individualized fit, these shears come equipped with removable finger ring inserts, allowing for tailored comfort and enhancing precision during prolonged use.

In embracing NORVIK's legacy of superior grooming tools, one doesn't just acquire a shear but becomes part of a tradition of excellence.