Norvik SHINE Long Double Edge Precision Safety Razor

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The Norvik SHINE Long Double Edge Safety Razor was designed with you in mind. You shave regularly, it should be a great experience. Norvik Razors are handcrafted for optimum performance and trusted by professionals worldwide. Norvik's name carries with it a hallmark of quality and a 100% satisfaction guarantee,

The Norvik SHINE Long razor is a testament to the art of precision craftsmanship, made using the finest materials available to ensure longevity and unparalleled performance.

Key Features:

  1. Unrivaled Gentleness: Experience a shaving process that's not only pain-free but also incredibly lavish on your skin.
  2. Timeless Elegance: The design of the Norvik SHINE Long razor radiates charisma and exclusivity, with the gold-tipped handle setting a new standard of refinement.
  3. Artisanal Excellence: This razor is constructed with top-tier materials, ensuring durability and functionality that remains unmatched.
  4. Double-Edge Mastery: Enjoy an exceptionally close and extravagantly comfortable shave, thanks to the double-edge design.
  5. Versatility Redefined: The Norvik SHINE Long razor is perfect for both professional and personal use, embodying the pinnacle of luxury.
  6. Effortless Maintenance: The detachable blade design simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring that upkeep is as refined as the shaving experience itself.
  7. Measure's 4.2" Tall x 2" Wide | Package Inclusions: 1 x Norvik SHINE Short Safety Razor

Package Inclusions: 1 x Norvik SHINE Long Safety Razor

Why choose a safety razor? The reasons are numerous, but it all begins with the ingenious design. A safety razor features a protective device positioned between the blade's edge and your skin, simplifying the shaving process and reducing the risk of nicks and cuts.