Tan Asz U Mai Tai Mimosa Advanced 200X Bronzing 13.5oz

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Citrus & Champagne Glow Cocktail

Boldly step into the limelight, where subtlety takes a backseat. Dive into a luxurious tanning experience with this 200X bronzer that’s all about embracing the vibrant and vivacious. We've blended the most intense ingredients in generous proportions for an unforgettable tanning journey. Dark bronzers, enriched with champagne and citrus extracts, set the mood, ensuring that your tanning session is nothing short of exceptional. Experience deep color and unmatched softness - the perfect tanning concoction awaits you.


  • 200X Advanced Bronzers: Dive deep into spectacular shades.
  • Citrus & Champagne Fusion: Amplify your golden sheen.
  • Tigergrass Extract: Make your tattoos pop with enhanced vibrancy.
  • Premium Hemp Seed Oil: Experience the pinnacle of skin conditioning.
  • Max Silicones: Revel in the touch of supremely silky skin.
  • DHA-Free: Pure and unadulterated bronzing.
  • Scent: Pink Martini.