SALE -2 Pack - Norvik Coconut Oil Full Body Moisturizer. 2 - 18oz bottles

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Every body dislikes dry skin and we have a solution that you will love. NORVIK Coconut Oil Moisturizer that is one extra fine full body moisturizer enriched with Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree  Oil and Coconut Oil. You won't find a fast acting, richer feeling moisturizer anywhere. This lotion is Gluten Free and Paraben Free and results driven. It really is a wonderful moisturizer with a light very pleasing fragrance.

We have a special offer for our best customers, Not one but TWO full 18oz bottles of this exceptional moisturizer for just $20.00. That is far less than  you will find this very popular lotion anywhere. Retail price on one bottle is $23.00.

Stock up today and I can assure you that you will be very, very glad you did.